How to work with tasks in Togezzer

Learn how to work with incoming tasks, schedule the week, track your performance and create tasks

A company's work consists of many tasks that are solved by the employees.

As in life, in Togezzer the task goes through several stages: formulation, confirmation, execution and completion.

The author of the task sees the change of statuses and understands when the task is ready. You can keep in touch with the task owner in a separate chat. The chat is automatically created together with the task. At the end of the week, you can see the statistics of your task progress.

The article uses examples of mobile interface. On the computer the functionality of work with tasks is similar except the appearance of the cards.

Togezzer helps you work more efficiently with your tasks

  1. You won’t miss on any information about new tasks and status changes from previously created ones
  2. You see a list of all your tasks with deadlines
  3. You are able to plan the week
  4. You can easily find task-specific information
  5. You can connect any other performer to the task and keep them updated

«Received» - everything that has been assigned to you

All tasks that have been assigned to you goes into the «Received» section. After you have scheduled a task, it moves down: to the «Current week» or «Next according to plan» section, depending on the due date of the task.

In the “Tasks” section you can see how many tasks you have left. to do in the week and what needs to pay attention to

«Created» - everything that you delegate

Here are the tasks that you have assigned other people to do. After you have submitted a task, it appears in the «Created by me» section. If the assignee cannot accept or complete the task, he block it. Then the task card will appear at the top of the section marked «Blocked». There will also be tasks that need to be approved - that is, to check that everything is done exactly as you wanted.

Weekly task list

When you accept a task, you will be asked to schedule it for this or next week. The task may also have a deadline that has been set by the submitter. You can confirm or, by agreement, shift the date. All scheduled tasks can be seen in the «Current week» section.

Elements of the task card

Togezzer cards are suitable for tasks as well as ideas, voting, document negotiation and process creation. This is what a task card consists of:

By default, the card contains the performer, name and description. If you need additional components, they are added after creation.

Card Chat

The card has a chat room where you can discuss the issue in a narrow circle without involving the participants of the general chat. You can go to a task chat from your card by clicking on the “Messages” button.

You can also go to the “Chats” section and find a chat with the task name.

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