Change the roles of group members

Adding new administrators, assigning the "Guest" role

A workspace administrator can edit the rights of members of all groups in the digital office, even if he is not a member.

This feature is only available in the Web application:

  1. Go to the section “My company”
  2. Select “Administrator” → “Groups”
  3. Opposite the desired group there is a “Pencil” icon, click it to edit
  4. Opposite the required participant there is a “Gear” icon, click it to change the participant's rights.

Togezzer groups have three roles:

The administrator is the one who created the group. He can edit the description of the group, add and remove other users.

A group member is the executor of tasks in the group. He sees the chat and all tasks, can create and edit tasks in the group. Sees other members and can invite them.

The guest of the group is an observer. He can only view tasks and leave messages in chats. He does not have the ability to edit or move tasks, as well as invite other participants.

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